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Creating and satisfying customer demand for sustainability.

To reduce paper we have now introduced...

  • eTicketing
  • eInvoicing - you can even pay your balance online!


Please recycle your brochure, or Sovereign marketing material once you have finished with it, or pass it onto a friend or neighbour!


You can help us to make a difference, by donating just £1 per person to the World Care Fund. We will match each donation. Your money goes towards projects that help make up for the impact holidaymakers have on the environment, and look after communities around the world. If you would like to join us and make a difference, say 'yes' to your World Care Fund donation when you book a holiday and we'll take care of the rest. Click here to learn more about the World Care Fund.


We recognise that the success of our business goes hand in hand with the way we treat our environment and people in our destinations. We believe that we should all try to give something back, as well as taking away some incredible memories. Below are some suggestions that will make a positive difference. If you have any Responsible or 'Green' Travel tips or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

  • In order to minimise you travel carbon emissions, you could look at 'greener' options such as train travel instead of internal flights.
  • Before you travel, reading up on your destination's local cultures and learning a few words of the local language will no doubt be appreciated by the locals.
  • Waste disposal can be a serious problem in remote places and developing countries, so do remove any excess packaging beforehand.
  • Wherever possible, the Sovereign Concierge will take you to local markets and restaurants where you can support the local economy by buying local produce.
  • Be sensitive to the customs and traditions of the local people.
  • Respect habitats and the natural behaviour of the wildlife.
  • Do not buy products made from endangered species.
  • Save water and energy - take a shower rather than a bath, re-use towels, and turn off air-conditioning and lights when you leave your room.
  • Donate a pound to the World Care Fund which supports environmental and community projects around the world.
  • To offset the carbon emissions from your flight, please use the ClimateCare carbon calculator.
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