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Top tips for travelling with children

We know that travelling with a baby and young children can be challenging. The least relaxing part of the holiday is getting to and from it, so aim to get to the airport early. Go prepared for all eventualities and plan activities to keep the children entertained en route.

Check the website of your departure airport to see what facilities they offer for babies and children. It is good to know in advance if and where the airport has a designated play area for children and other facilities on offer.

As you can imagine, some of our destination airports are small and have only a few facilities so it is best to be prepared for your flight home before you arrive at the airport.

We suggest that you check with the customer services department of your chosen carrier in order to find out what provision is made for babies and children. For example, each airline has its own policy regarding pushchairs and whether they have to be checked into the hold or taken to the boarding gate. Travelling with our sister airline Thomson Airways, infants receive a baggage allowance of 10 kg (infants are not provided with a baggage allowance when travelling with other airlines). Please note infants are not provided with an aircraft seat and in-flight meals.

Further tips

  • A rucksack is often the best hand luggage for parents with small children as it allows you to keep both hands free, but also has plenty of room for all those on-board essentials! Pick one with multiple pockets so you don't have to search through the whole bag to find what you are looking for.

  • Allow your child to pack their own small backpack or trolley case with a few of their favourite items to keep them occupied.

  • A new toy, book or activity is always a worthwhile investment to reveal when boredom sets in. Wrapping up new gifts will surprise and reward your children even more.

  • Take your own supply of your children's preferred snacks for the flight.

  • Check in advance what liquids you can take through security.

  • Take your pushchair as most UK airports will allow you to take it to the boarding gate, giving your child somewhere to sit/sleep in the airport.

  • Babies are sensitive to the air-pressure changes on flights; so offer them a drink as swallowing helps to clear ears. Sucking a boiled sweet has the same effect for children.

  • New places can upset little ones, so bring something that reminds them of home especially for their bedtime routine - books, a familiar blanket or teddy.

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