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Sovereign Weddings Abroad 

As your wedding is such an important and special occasion, we are sure you'll have queries about the big day. Below, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions, however, if there is anything else you would like to know, our Sovereign Wedding Coordinators will be able to help, just call us on 01293 762400.

Your wedding questions answered

Q. How far in advance do we need to book our wedding?

A. We recommend you book at least 12 weeks before your departure to allow sufficient time for your arrangements.

Q. How long should our holiday be?

A. You may need to satisfy minimum residency requirements before you get married abroad. These vary by destination and details can be provided by your Wedding Coordinator.

Q. Is the wedding legal?

A. All our overseas weddings are legally recognized in the UK. Although you are unable to register the marriage in the UK, it may be possible to have it recorded as an ‘overseas marriage’.

Q. What legal documentation do we need to take with us?

A. Documentation and other legal requirements vary by destination, details can be provided by your Wedding Coordinator. For all weddings your Wedding Coordinator will require photocopies of all relevant legal documentation at least 8 weeks prior to your departure. All original documents must be taken with you when you go to your chosen destination. Legal documentation requirements can change and obtaining these documents may incur costs. Check all documentation carefully as mistakes such as incorrect spelling of names could lead to the cancellation of your wedding, for which Sovereign cannot be held responsible.

Q. Which name should the bride travel under?

A. The bride must travel under her maiden name on the outbound and return flight. The name on your ticket must match the name on your passport.

Q. How do I book Finishing Touches?

A. Enclosed in your wedding pack, you will find a list of some of the Finishing Touches available in your chosen resort or hotel. These are for guidance; they cannot be pre-booked and must be confirmed with your Wedding Planner on arrival in resort.

Q. How do we transport our wedding outfits?

A. All airlines recommend dresses are boxed or placed in a separate suitcase, as they will need to go into the luggage hold of the aircraft. The package should be labelled ‘fragile’ and the check in staff should be advised of what is in the suitcase. It is not recommended you try to take the wedding attire on board, as most airlines will not allow this. However, all companies have different guidelines, so you may wish to contact the airline you are travelling with directly.

Q.What will happen when we arrive?

A. You will receive a letter, either at the airport or at your chosen accommodation. This will detail the arrangements for your meeting with your Wedding Planner.

Q. What will the quality of the video and photographs be like?

A. In most cases, professional freelance photographers will take your wedding photographs and video. While all products are developed to the highest standards possible, as both equipment and development facilities can be limited in some countries, the products are not always comparable to those in the UK.

Q. Can we have sunset photographs taken, even if we marry early in the day?

A. In some locations this may be possible at a supplement to the prices quoted. Please speak to your Wedding Planner once in resort.

Q. How will we organise for our wedding outfits to be pressed?

A. This can usually be arranged through your chosen hotel. However, if the hotel does not offer this service, your Wedding Planner will be happy to make alternative arrangements for you.

Once you have unpacked your wedding outfits, most, if not all, creases should drop out due to the natural humidity in warmer climates.

Q. Is there a hairdresser or beautician at our property?

A. If your accommodation does not have a hairdresser or beautician on site, your Wedding Planner will be happy to arrange an appointment at a local salon. Sometimes they can even organise for seomeone to come to your accommodation.

Q. How long will the ceremony be?

A. The length of the ceremony can vary. It usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, followed by the signing of the register, a toast to the bride and groom and photographs.

Q. What language will the ceremony be in?

A. This depends on the country. If the service is not conducted in English, a translator will be provided.

Q. When can I choose the colours of the flowers, design of the cake and other additional services?

A. This will be arranged in your destination, with your Wedding Planner. Please remember the types of flowers available can differ from those in the UK and will vary through the seasons. Your wedding cake is included but, if you have specific requirements, you can discuss this with the Wedding Planner when you arrive. Supplements may apply.

Q. When do we receive our marriage certificate?

A. In most destinations you will receive your marriage certificate before your flight home. In some cases, your marriage certificate may not be ready in time and will be sent to you, via your hotel for longhaul destinations or your Wedding Planner in resort for shorthaul destinations.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, simply call us on 01293 762400 and speak to one of our Wedding Coordinators.

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