Man with a pile of green olives in his hands freshly collected during the harvesting. Harvested fresh olives in the hands of farmer. Lesbos. Greece.
Man with a pile of green olives in his hands freshly collected during the harvesting. Harvested fresh olives in the hands of farmer. Lesbos. Greece.

Sustainable Travel

Here at Sovereign Luxury Travel we’re always striving to improve our luxury hotel collection as we believe in the transformative power of travel, by championing luxury green hotels that are committed to sustainability and responsible travel practises. This is as part of our ongoing company-wide current sustainability vision and policies.   

Sustainability is a journey (not a destination) 

Travel is an industry with many more obstacles than most as we operate within the context of a climate and biodiversity crisis and acknowledge that travel can have significant negative impacts in relation to carbon emissions. Sovereign supports cross-sector collaboration and initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel usage across the travel, hospitality, and transport sectors.  
Sovereign have been embedding a range of global minimum sustainability standards into our business which include the ethical treatment of animals, green offices, reduction of single use plastic, safe and fair labour conditions, and the ethical and sustainable contracting of accommodation.

Identifying Luxury Green Hotels

We’ve identified what we class as luxury ‘green’ hotels and resorts and, where appropriate, promote these over hotels that are not engaged in sustainability action.  
For us, our sustainability vision extends beyond the environmental factors - we also look at the positive social and community impact our hotels make. Naturally, some of our hotels and resorts are stronger in certain responsible travel areas than others, and so we share the reasons why we celebrate them as ‘luxury green hotels’.  

What factors do we consider to be included as a ‘Luxury Green Hotel’?
Environmental Protection

Off-the-beaten track destinations | Sustainable design and construction | Supporting, protecting and restoring local habitats and wildlife | Low impact activities 

Procurement Management
Engaging local suppliers and developing mutually-beneficial partnerships | Food sourcing | Minimising and responsibly managing waste | Moving towards a circular economy  
Beyond Carbon
Using renewable energy | Single-use plastic-free | Adopting energy efficient design and technologies | Localised supply chains | Carbon neutral | Independent awards and certification 
Local Community & Social Integration
Employing local people | Contributing to the local economy | Supporting local charitable ventures | Community-owned or operated | Family-run 
Staff Treatment
Fair living wages | Paid leave | Supporting learning and development | Respecting equality and diversity | Empowering staff | Growth & opportunities  
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