Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Filming Locations in Italy

The highly anticipated and long-awaited Disney film has finally been released. The Little Mermaid hit the big screen and we’re here to take a look at its fabulous filming locations in Italy. A beloved tale, The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, a vivacious young mermaid who has a real desire for adventure. The youngest daughter of King Triton, she yearns to find out more about the world beyond the sea and what better place to showcase this, than the shores of Sardinia.  

One of Italy’s most popular islands, takes you to a world of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, Sardinia has a rich cultural heritage having been influenced by various civilisations and cultures leaving their mark on the architecture and traditions across the island throughout the years. Boasting a pristine coastline, Sardinia is home to the famous Costa Smeralda. So, without further ado, let’s dive into where The Little Mermaid was filmed in Sardinia.

Santa Teresa Gallura

Set on the northern coast of Sardinia, the majority of The Little Mermaid was filmed in and around Santa Teresa Gallura. Here you’ll find crystal clear waters, pristine white sands, and bright corals underwater. This area of the island is known for its rocky shore and Bronze Age artifacts that you can visit. An idyllic retreat, Santa Teresa Gallura offers relaxation and plenty of natural beauty so it’s no surprise Disney chose to film here!

This coastal gem delights with its breathtaking views, ancient fortresses, and delicious local cuisine. Take a stroll along the seafront, wander the quaint streets, and breathe in the Italian spirit.


Home to Eric’s striking castle, Castelsardo was the base for the scenes that showed the majestic castle in the distance thanks to its colonial style. In the heart of the Gulf of Asinara, Castelsardo is a medieval gem sitting proud on a rocky cliff. With a rich history and stunning coastal views, Castelsardo showcases an authentic Sardinian ambience through its winding cobblestone streets and ancient stone walls.

Cala Moresca

Cala Moresca is a small bay in the north of Sardinia and was the setting of the fishermen’s village and the surroundings of the castle pier in The Little Mermaid. A hidden cove, Cala Moresca is tucked away offering a secluded retreat for those seeking a tranquil escape.  

The picture-perfect bay is surrounded by crystal clear waters and small fishing boats making it the ideal location for the fishermen in the film. Step onto the pristine sands and let the unspoiled charm take your breath away.

Rena Majore Beach in Aglientu 

Perhaps the most important Italian destination in the film, Rena Majore Beach in Aglientu is where the main scenes in the film were shot including the moment when Ariel saves Eric from the water.  

A hidden paradise, Rena Majore Beach is home to soft white sands and clear blue waters surrounded by stunning natural beauty. This secluded haven invites you to unwind and relax in the serenity of this breathtaking island.

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