Explore the diverse world of the UAE

Explore the diverse world of the UAE

More than ever, you deserve a holiday. Leave the cold behind and escape to where the heat is! There’s a whole world of safe and luxurious holidays waiting to be discovered with our handpicked collection of hotels and destinations. Speak to one of Sovereign Luxury Travel’s Personal Travel Planners today.  

First up, is the Middle East: 

Welcome to the decadent and diverse world of the UAE. Sovereign Luxury Travel’s hand-picked selection - Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah - literally has something for everybody.  

Fifty years ago, seven countries in the Middle East combined to form an elective monarchy as one united country that today is best known as the United Arab Emirates, often simply referred to as the UAE or the Emirates.  

Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE has land borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia, and maritime borders with Qatar, which is hosting the next FIFA World Cup in 2022.  

There are three distinct emirates within the UAE that are ideal for a luxury holiday from the UK: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah. Each emirate is very different, offering unique holiday options. 
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Five reasons to visit the UAE 

1. Safety and inclusivity 

The UAE is an incredibly safe destination for solo travellers, couples and families alike. If you were to accidentally leave your wallet and phone on the table, it’s more than likely to be there when you return.  

Many of the activities found in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are high-tech and innovative and you can always expect high standards of health and safety.  

Even though Arabic is the UAE’s official language, everybody speaks English and everything is written in English, which makes it really easy for you to navigate and get around.  

The UAE has been globally praised in its quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic and was one of the fastest countries in the world to roll out vaccinations. All the hoteliers and attractions boast an impressive track and trace system. 

2. Year-round destination sunshine 

You can enjoy sunshine all year round as the UAE only has two seasons - winter and summer. The most popular time to travel to the Emirates is from October through to April, when you’ll find average temperatures of 30°C. 

The summer season from May to September, when temperatures are closer to 40°C, is still a perfectly good travel time, as you don’t need to spend all day in the heat, and you’ll often find more affordable accommodation options.  

3. Within easy reach 

You don’t need to fly to the other side of the world for a beach paradise - flights from the UK to the UAE are frequent and direct, taking just seven hours, and easily accessible from all main UK airports.  

Not only is it really affordable to get to, you’ll also find that the UAE is economical once you arrive. Less than a decade ago you might have felt limited to hotel fine dining and the associated costs, but now the Emirates offers all-inclusive options and a vast selection of affordable dining options.  

You’ll find getting a drink is much easier than it was a decade ago too, as there are many more licensed restaurants. Plus, you can purchase alcohol at MMI liquor stores where all you need to do is show your passport to buy alcohol, which you can then take back to your hotel to dine within your room and balcony.  

4. Modern-day Architectural marvels 

The UAE is constantly innovating, and nowhere is this more evident than in the fabulous buildings and entertainment areas. Not only does the UAE boast the world’s tallest building, it also has some of the most iconic hotels in the world.  

5.Something for everybody 

Multi-generational family life is ingrained into Emirati culture, so the entire nation has been set up to support activities that suit every hobby and interest imaginable. Never one to shy away from world firsts, there are always new and exciting attractions to explore, which is why you’ll find yourself returning time and again.  

The entire infrastructure of the UAE has been developed so that getting from A to B is straightforward - you can drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in under one hour - and you’ll find many environments all in one space. Beach, city, desert, mountains, you name it, the UAE has it all.  

Underlying all the epic modernisation you’ll observe a really rich Arabian and Islamic culture that dates back 7,000 years, allowing you to delve into historic encounters. 

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