Aerial view of a rib boat with snorkelers and divers at the turquoise colored coast of the Aegean Sea in Greece
Aerial view of a rib boat with snorkelers and divers at the turquoise colored coast of the Aegean Sea in Greece

Handpicked Hotels & Resorts

What makes Sovereign Luxury Travel truly stand out from our competition? It’s the way we handpick our hotels and resorts.  

We go through a rigorous process of ensuring all our accommodation partners meet both your and our high expectations. Luxury travel for us means considering many factors and we make a judgement call on whether to include them in our handpicked hotel collection based on each individual partner’s credentials.   

If you’ve been a Sovereign Luxury Travel guest for many years, you’ll notice that we have long-standing relationships with our preferred partners, which is based on years of developing mutual trust and respect.  

We know how overwhelming it can be at times to choose the ideal hotel for your next luxury holiday, because there are so many options out there. We prefer to focus on top-notch destinations that really shine, and include the best luxury hotels and resorts within our collection that we know you’ll love. This carefully curated approach allows us to maintain the most crucial part of our handpicked hotels philosophy.  

Tried & tested accommodation

We handpick our new hotel partners based on our own first-hand experiences. Our experienced product team only recommends accommodation that they would be comfortable recommending to their friends. 

Our expert team regularly visits our partner properties to ensure our high standards are continually met, as per our tried and tested approach.  

If your Personal Travel Planner hasn’t personally been to the accommodation you’re considering, they are probably sitting next to someone who has, so we can answer all your questions honestly and quickly. No question is too small or random - we want you to feel completely comfortable with your choice. 

Redefining luxury travel experiences at Sovereign Luxury Travel 



Luxury begins with the destination. We consider not only the beautiful natural landscapes and people, but also the amenities that an area offers. We don’t settle for anything less than the best. 



We review the actual hotel or resort property, ensuring that the facilities are of an optimum offering. Our team works closely with our partners to ensure that your accommodation remains modern, fresh and clean, whether that’s with upgrading or maintaining room decor, adding in improved technology, or following strict cleaning protocols.  



We consider the types of holiday activities you can enjoy through our partners, and the quality of dining experiences. Your safety is paramount to us, and this is a key factor. We also look for experiences that are a little bit different and special, because we find it’s the uniqueness that creates the best memories during your holiday. 



Luxury travel to us means a superior standard of personalised service and attention to detail - we expect our partners to provide the same as we do. Like us, our handpicked hotel partners go out of their way to ensure you have a seamless and hassle-free holiday. 



Price counts. Many of our competitors only look at price - and more in terms of the margins they will receive. Rest assured, this is not our approach. We ask ourselves whether the cost reflects the experience being offered - and whether we personally would pay that if it were our holiday. We truly stand for affordable luxury, and when we receive fantastic rates or special privileges such as room upgrades, we always pass these onto our guests.   

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Our final consideration for handpicking our preferred hotel and resort partners is sustainability. We consider both the environment and culture of care towards the hotel staff and local community.

Find out more about our handpicked hotels approach by speaking to your Personal Travel Planner today! 

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