Caring Luxury with Columbia Beach Resort

Tucked away on the southern coast of Cyprus lies Columbia Beach Resort, a five-star resort that has hospitality at heart. 

With the soothing chirp of crickets as your soundtrack, Columbia Beach Resort is an all-suite family-friendly retreat that exudes elegance at every corner, from its award-winning Hébe Spa, named after the Greek goddess of youth, to its two swimming pools that harmoniously blend into the Mediterranean landscape. 
It’s not just the sea views over Pissouri Bay that beckons you into tranquillity. The secret to Columbia Beach’s comfortable nature is that it celebrates the region’s heritage, with its distinct Cypriot architecture, hand-woven fabrics, and elegant wooden furniture. Even the cuisine served up at one of its gourmet restaurants, Apollo Tavern, nods to Eastern Mediterranean traditions, with classical favourites like moussaka, souvlaki, and yiouvetsi, as well as a mouth-watering meze menu.  

The resort's appreciation of its roots is further extended by the local charities that it supports and, when you stay, you can feel confident that measures are always being taken to reduce environmental impact.

Columbia Beach Resort holds the prestigious international eco-label, the Green Key Award, which is awarded to hotels that place environmental sustainability and the local community at the forefront of their business, through a strict set of criteria. There’s a dedicated resort Green Team, who arrange regular clean-ups of the Blue Flag beach in Pissouri Bay, and who sponsor and participate in local conservation events.  


The property boasts high-tech water-saving devices and has its own water treatment facility, so that every drop of wastewater is recycled and used to water the gardens or supplied to local farmers. The resort has also partnered with the Greek-based company Minoa, to provide pioneering FSC certified, fully recyclable, paper-packaged ‘bottled’ drinking water.  


All the resort’s technology is state-of-the-art - and often - electric-powered to ensure good air quality and to curb noise pollution. Energy consumption has been significantly reduced, with upgrades to LED and sensor-activated lighting and air conditioning. Solar panels now provide heating for the suites, Hébe Spa, and its indoor pool.  


Your stay at Columbia Beach Resort helps support several local charities. Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society provides palliative care services, supports the families and caregivers of people with cancer, and offers information about cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to the wider public. A €5 donation is added to your suite bill, but you are welcome to donate more (or not at all) if you wish.  

Columbia Beach Resort is also the first resort in the world to have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network, which aims to improve everyday experiences and interactions for people with invisible disabilities.  

The resort’s caring spirit extends beyond humans too. The Columbia Cat Care Project cares for the many stray cats within the local area. They’re neutered, vaccinated, and well-fed and groomed by the team. Guests are welcome to participate by becoming a ‘feline godparent’, plus you even have the chance to officially adopt a cat to take home with you, should you wish!

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