Luxury Gennadi Holidays

Rhodes' tranquil village resort

Gennadi offers some of the most tranquil holidays in Greece with stunning pink villas over the gorgeous bays. This is one of the best Greece holidays for rest and relaxation.  

Compared to other villages in Rhodes, Gennadi is quite newly developed, meaning the hotels and resorts along the coast are home to modern furnishings, services, and amenities. But they remain traditionally designed, blending beautifully with the historic architecture and lush natural surroundings.  

Gennadi, Greece, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes, with golden sands, inviting you to indulge in the sun-filled sea. Many surfers make their way along the coast between Gennadi and Prasonisi, where there are untouched stretches of beautiful bays. Gennadi is situated about an hour from Rhodes Town, making it the ultimate Greece holiday destination for locals to harness the tranquillity of the southeastern coast.  

Luxury holidays in Gennadi 

History buffs are in for a treat in Gennadi, with much of the original architecture lining the streets to take you to days gone by. There is the Church of St. John from the 16th century and the Church of St. Anastasia from the 12th century. Going back even further in time, the latter church was built on the remains of an early Christian Church which dated as far back as the 6th century. There is some real history to be discovered on your Gennadi holiday.  

Another history marvel can be found in Lindos, where the 4,000-year-old Lindos Acropolis awaits for you to trek up to the top. From here, the views of the village below are out of this world, and an absolute must on your holiday to Gennadi.  

Gennadi beach brings many visitors to the shore, with 8 kilometres of golden sands. This is where you want to be for soaking up the balmy Rhodes sunshine. Umbrellas and loungers line the sand where couples and families can get together for fun days of beach bliss in a tranquil space that is kept clean and safe for all.  

If you’re all about walking through history, Kallithea has got you covered. Located about 50 minutes from Gennadi, Kallithea is historically known for its medicinal spas and springs. This area has always homed restorative properties. The spring is no more, but the gorgeous mosaics and intricate arches have been restored, giving you a first-hand glimpse into what once was. You’ll also have the chance to head to the secluded coves where snorkelling is an absolute must for getting up close and personal with the local sea life.  
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Flight Information

The flight to Rhodes is around 3 hours 45 minutes from the UK.

Transfer Time

Transfer time from Rhodes airport to Kallithea is approximately 30 minutes.

When to go

Rhodes enjoys the most sunshine of any other Greek island – 300 days a year, in fact. Temperate springs and long, dry summers give you plenty of time to visit; the earlier months of the season suit sightseeing while the mid-summer months of July and August push 30°C – perfect for keen beach-goers. Even in the height of summer, the island’s cool winds take care of any humidity.

Visa Information

Currently visas are not required for UK citizens travelling to Greece.


In Greece, a service charge will be included in the bill at restaurants and bars. Much like the UK, an additional tip is not required, although is appreciated for particularly good service. It is common to round off the amount when paying cash, particularly with wait staff and taxi drivers.

Introduction to languages

The official language of Greece is Greek.  English is widely spoken, too, so getting by is easy. 

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